Louisville Downtown Development Authority

The Louisville Downtown Development Authority was established to support quality retail and commercial development in the historic downtown. The City of Louisville, recognizing the need for singular focus on economic development in the downtown, created the LDDA in the early 1990s, and then reactivated it in 2005. One of the first efforts of the LDDA has been to create a Downtown Revitalization Grant Program. Using the proceeds from the Buzzard Blast festival, the LDDA has funded an awning program to install or replace awnings on Broad Street. Other projects of the LDDA include updating codes to improve business success; working with Louisville Design Team to create a new vision for Louisville; and surveying downtown customers on their needs and ideas for our city. 

Members of the LDDA are appointed by the City of Louisville and serve rotating four-year terms.

If you have questions about any of the programs or work of the Louisville Downtown Development Authority, please contact The Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce at 478.625.8134.

Contact Us:

The City of Louisville City Hall
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Louisville, Georgia 30434
Tel: 478.625.3166; 478.625.4040
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